The most important skill needed is communication. The concierge interacts with clients either by telephone or in-person. A large aspect of communication is the ability to listen and evaluate. He or she must learn to not only listen to what the customer is saying, but also what isn’t being said. It’s the concierge’s responsibility to read between the lines and ask the right questions.
Be able to lead or manage a team in this department.
Customer service: A concierge needs the ability to meet and exceed clients’ expectations and provide services they need.
Manage schedules and people: Keep up with client schedules and remind clients of appointments.
Multi-tasking skills: Concierges must be able to do several things with constant interruptions.
Organizational: Organization is a must for someone in this position.
Problem solving: Concierges face all kinds of problems and issues and must readily solve these to the satisfaction of clients.
Recordkeeping: Need to maintain client records and maintain partners globally.

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