As a company working in the fast paced environment of creativity and events, we are looking for a candidate that has agility and flexibility as hers/his core values. The role will be a hybrid of actively working the back-end accounting of the operation, being directly involved with project work in terms of managing timelines or budget allocations and keeping close connection with creative freelancers and last but not least a self driven thinker, that solves problems where they arise or find the right channel to collaborate on solutions.
Overall we are looking for an energetic person who wants to immerse themselves in a broad role at the center of a business operation, with great development opportunities into multiple directions.


ENGAGE! Communication by Design, is the youngest member (starting DEZ 2016) in a family of agencies, and focused on the APAC market. Merging the best of the both founder agencies, UnicBlue (unicblue.de) & Audience INC. (audienceinc.ca), ENGAGE! is the partner to our clients for excelling communications development. ENGAGE! assists through all stage from an idea of engagement with internal or external stakeholders, the development of strategy, its turnover into creative into the complete execution. We are highly agile in our processes and believe in ownership of tasks on each level of the business.
We are breathing the boutique-style business life, whilst growing in global network.