Lead regional market expansion strategy for online advertising business

Track, report and analyze website analytics, pay-per-click (PPC) initiatives and campaigns.

Research, measure, and grow link building campaigns including external link acquisition, internal link strategy, and other relevant sources to maximize links.

Perform retargeting campaigns

Collaborate with regional teams to identify opportunities to achieve greater sales targets across specific verticals.

Conduct ongoing market and business analysis to support decision-making & identify new opportunities.

Research key markets, business, and advertising technology trends & competitor info for target markets


Develop strategic digital recommendations
Able to work independently and manage campaigns from conceptualization to development of digital marketing campaign
Constantly perform market research and competitor’s analysis to better enhance products and improve channel communications
Perform ongoing paid keyword discovery, expansion and optimization.Research and analyze competitor advertising links
Growth of turnover

About Find Info

The main goal for find.info is to provide solutions for Internet users in order to improve their productivity, efficiency and Internet experience. We are focused on detecting customers needs and developing the products that cover those requirements.