a. Must be able to speak and write English proficiently;
b. Have at least three (3) years’ post graduate experience working with Personal computers or compatibles;
c. Have at least three (3) years’ post graduate experience using MS OS such as Windows 7 or higher and Microsoft Outlook;
d. Able to conduct unit, module, functional and volume testing; to analyze test results and to take corrective action.


a. For Java Requirement
The Programmer shall be required to:
(i) Have three (3) years’ experience, within the past four (4) year’s timeframe, in each of the programming skills:
- JSP,
- Servlet,
- Java Bean,
- Java Script,
- Session management
3. Working Experience And Skill Requirement (Cont’d)
3.2 a. For Java Requirement
(ii) Have two (2) years’ experience, within the past three (3) year’s timeframe, in coding programs using each of the skills:
- HTML 5
- Web Services (REST API)
- Java Server Faces
- EJB (session, entity & message, Service Locator, Business Delegate, Data Transfer Object, Data Access Object),
(iii) Preferably have hands on experience on the following:
- IBM RAD9.0 or above or Eclipse or equivalent
- Portal and Portlet development
- n-Tier Architecture
- Java Web Security/LDAP
- JEE Security
- JEE Transaction
- Web Services (SOAP)
- UML diagrams
- Secure coding to prevent application vulnerabilities (for eg. Cross-site scripting; Injection vulnerability flaws such as SQL injection, command injection; Race conditions; Improper error / exception handling, etc)

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