The Programmer

-     Must also have at least 3 years post graduate hands-on experience, within the past 4 years’ timeframe, in working on web design projects;


-     Must have 3 years’ experience, within the past 4 years’ timeframe, in each of the following programming skills


Web Design Technology

-     Photoshop


Browser Technology
-  PrimeFaces

-  CSS3

-  Jquery

-  Responsive Web Design

-  Angular JS or React JS


-  Cross browser compatibility and testing


- Knowledge of current and emerging standards in    design styles, web technology, web accessibilityand   W3C guidelines.

- Eye in UX/UI and able to create mockups/ prototypes  – Able to conduct expert review and provide suggestion    on website design and usability

- Can work independently and is able to work in a fast    paced environment in meeting deadlines

- Programmer has to provide web design/ development  projects/works (at least 3 portfolios) for past 3 years and elaborate on the goals, technology and tools used.



·         Support and troubleshoot UI/UX related issues (only applicable to NES 12); 


·         Assist Project Team in the study/review, design and development the

UI/UX framework, stylesheets and related services (only applicable to NES 12); 


·         Train other contract programmers in the relevant UI/UX skills (only applicable to NES 12); 

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