Looking for:
Driver, at least 2 years of experience with class 3 lorry.
Strong and fit enough for packing and delivery of coconuts. (not easy!)
No problem with waking up early
Has mode of transport (scooter/bike) OR lives near hougang

If you would like to:
Participate in the next big beverage company -> we are a start-up and we are growing!
Start early (6am+) and end early (by 2pm) -> you have time for other things!
Earn more than market average for drivers working less than them -> because you’re worth it!
Work in an fresh, exciting environment -> who wants to just drive?!

What you can take back:
Keen understanding of coconuts -> impress your girlfriend and family with your muscles and knowledge
Lively interactions with customers -> you will see all sorts of people
Great exercise -> Nothing can be a better way to start the day than some exercise with coconuts!

What we are NOT looking for:
Treating this as a mere boring driver job
Poor attitude and zero discipline
Can only commit for short term

If you are interested, we would like to meet you face to face!

About johnny's coconut company

We are a new start up poised at transforming the F&B landscape of Singapore with new exciting products. If you would like to join us, please forward your resumes to us:


We are currently looking for multiple drivers.