This describes the tasks of the bursary which will be carried out by the Bursar and non-teaching staff, under his/her leadership. Certain parts of the job description will of necessity be carried out by the Bursar.

Main functions

• Working closely with the School operators to produce timely, relevant and accurate financial information; to monitor financial performance; to provide sound financial advice and an effective financial management service to the Governing Body, the Senior Team and staff regarding the School.

• To work closely with the School operators in financial planning and budget preparation and management in consultation with the Principal and Senior Team, within guidelines set by the Governing Body. To evaluate and communicate effectively the implications of changes in circumstances or proposed future developments.

• As a member of the Senior Team, play a key role in management and development of the School.

• To safeguard and optimise the value and use of NLCS Singapore’s assets and ensure they are used to best effect in pursuing the School’s aims and objectives.

• To have overall managerial responsibility for the provision, operation and monitoring of support services provided by the School, including administration, IT and AV, catering, cleaning, transport, buildings management and grounds, Health and Safety and security. To lead, manage, motivate and develop the staff providing all these services to the School.

• To work with the School operators to ensure that the School complies with its legal, regulatory, constitutional and statutory obligations, as appropriate, including the identification and management of risk of the School, together with the Principal.

• To act as Clerk to the Governors.

• Other duties as may be reasonably agreed with the Principal or Governing Body from time to time.

The Bursar and Clerk to Governors meets regularly during term time, usually on a daily basis, with the Principal and the Senior Team. He/she will also have access to and liaise with the Chairman of the Governing Body, the Chairman of the Finance and Estates committee and the Treasurer. He/she attends meetings of the Governing Body and the Finance and Estates committee.

Specific Responsibilities

Within the framework of responsibilities set out below, the post holder will be expected to agree objectives for achievement based on a biennial appraisal conducted by the Principal.

1. Financial Management

• Analyse and advise on the financial implications of changes in circumstances and proposed developments. Ensure that appropriate financial evaluation and forecasts are included in the development plans and long term strategy, prepared in conjunction with the Principal and Senior Team and that suitable information is available to guide financial decision making. Identify and develop performance indicators and other management information, and use methods such as modelling to enhance planning and optimum use of resources.

• Working closely with the School operators and in conjunction with members of the Senior Team, prepare and present for approval annual budgets and forecasts and cash flow statements which support the School Development Plan.

• Liaise with the School Operators to manage the operation of the capital/building programme including assessing tenders, monitoring contracts and ensuring suitable controls are in place for managing these projects. Provide constructive support in managing the continuing use of existing facilities during construction periods.

• Prepare and present monthly management accounts, including statements of cash position and net current assets/ liabilities, financial accounts, information regarding fee levels, debtors and other information required in a timely fashion, ensuring key assumptions are appropriate. Investigate variances to budget and communicate promptly so that any appropriate action can be taken.

• Provide regular updates of the actual and projected financial performance position of the School with clear and meaningful commentary to assist the Senior Team and School Operators to understand the financial position of School so that they can make wise and cost effective decisions.

• Prepare and present financial and other information as agreed to be used as a basis for discussions about pay and other employment matters.

• Prepare for publication financial and any other information as agreed by Senior Team and School Operators for distribution to parents.

• In collaboration with the School operators prepare annual recommendations for setting fees.

• Liaise regularly with budget holders and support them in monitoring their performance against budgets and objectives. Provide accounting services for use by staff in planning and controlling the work of the School, including any future Fundraising programmes.

• Maintain financial records in accordance with best accounting practice to meet regulatory requirements and to measure both income and expenditure of the School’s operations and its financial position.

• Prepare statutory accounts in accordance with Singapore/UAE regulations.

• Ensure the School’s accounting system is kept secure and up-to-date, and that the system and all associated procedures for finance and non-finance staff are fully documented and understood by all relevant members of staff.

• Working closely with the School operators, manage, within the School’s agreed authority schedule, the administration of incoming and outgoing finances including receipt of school fees and payment of salaries.

• Identify opportunities for income generation and liaise as necessary with other members of staff. Draft proposals for inclusion in Development, Capital and Building Plans and, where appropriate, oversee and monitor implementation.

2. Gifts and legacies

Develop and implement procedures for recording and managing gifts and legacies. Liaise with and support the Development Director (when appointed) on the School’s fundraising activities.

3. Scholarships and Bursaries

• Manage policies and procedures on the awarding of scholarships and bursaries.

• Assess applications and prepare timely reports as appropriate for decision by the Principal and School Operators.

• Administer the scholarships and bursaries. Prepare reports on the short and long term financial impact of such awards.

4. Administrative Staff

Overall responsibility for the appointment and professional development of all non-teaching staff.

• Where selection and appointment of any member of staff has been delegated to the Bursar (generally the estate and bursary staff), then the Bursar shall manage all aspects of such appointments including; recruitment, deployment and allocation of duties, dismissing, suspending and disciplining staff in accordance with laid down procedures, supervising, appraising and ensuring suitable training and providing guidelines and procedures relating to their work.

• Ensure contracts of employment are in place for all staff.

• Contribute to the development of staff policies, contracts and other personnel matters.

• Manage the administration of the School’s insurance policies.

• Manage the payroll and ensure compliance with all statutory obligations relating to payroll.

• Operate an appraisal scheme for non-teaching staff and put in place an appropriate strategy to ensure their professional development.

5. Risk Assessment, Health and Safety and Financial Control Framework

• For the Governing Body and School Operators, with the Principal, identify key risks to the School’s educational, staff, financial, physical and information resources, including school trips and visits and monitor and update the written policies, procedures and standards by which those resources are to be managed securely and effectively. Be responsible, with the Principal, School Operators and Governing Body, for the management of risk.

• Provide Health and Safety advice to the School and its employees and ensure compliance with relevant Health and Safety legislation. Act as a member of the School’s Health and Safety Committee and report to the Governing Body and School Operators on matters covered.

• Implement, monitor and document the School’s financial control framework, reporting periodically to the School Operators on the operation and effectiveness of the control framework, recommending changes where appropriate and reporting any deviations from policies, procedures or standards.


6. IT and Audio Visual Support Services

• In consultation with Senior Team, develop, implement and monitor an IT and AV resource strategy for the whole School and update the strategy in the light of changing needs and circumstances.

• Ensure that the School’s IT and AV systems work efficiently and effectively in support of the School’s activities.

7. Legal and other matters

• In conjunction with the School operators ensure that the School meets its legal obligations in all areas of activity including employment, health and safety and data protection, and report potential difficulties to the Principal.

• Ensure the completion and submission of statutory and other returns as required by any relevant governmental bodies, and ensure all statutory registers are kept up to date.

• Be responsible for contracts and deal with the legal actions of the School.

• Keep abreast of legislation and best practice in financial, personnel and administrative matters and advise the Principal, Senior Team and School Operators on appropriate changes in policy and practice in these areas.

8. Estates and Assets

• Manage the School’s estates and assets and Estates Staff with particular reference to the development of School facilities, routine and planned maintenance, upkeep of the grounds and Health and Safety and security.

• Draw up outline specifications for new buildings, evaluate alternatives and financial resource implications, obtain tenders, planning permission and liaise with School architects and manage the projects.

• Be responsible for negotiating, drawing up, monitoring and enforcing all Service Level Agreements and Contracts operated by the School, including transport, catering etc

9. General Leadership and Management

• As a member of Senior Team share in the general direction and management of the School, reporting to the Governing Body and taking the lead on matters to do with finance, investments and support functions.

• Contribute to the overall strategic development of the School. Prepare relevant documentation and strategy options with the Senior Team for the Governing Body including long term financial plan and objectives. Contribute to the preparation and subsequent evaluation of the School’s development plan, and advise the Senior Team and School Operators on the likely consequences of all proposed courses of action, where material. Provide advice and guidance on the practical and financial aspects of projects during the planning stage and during implementation.

• Providing reports to the Principal as and when required, and advising the Principal in matters regarding the areas of responsibility set out in this document


As with all posts, the Principal will reserve the right to vary the precise responsibilities should needs change and opportunities arise.