Responsibilities and Duties:

·       Participate in algorithm development of the underlying cryptography applied in blockchain technology;

·       Participate in the framework design of the blockchain Core system by using the cryptography algorithm;

·       Develop the blockchain technology, explore and promote its application;

Minimum Qualification:

·       Expert in C/C++/Go/JAVA, focus on the quality and fault-tolerant programming and follow good programming style;

·       Familiar with Multi-process/Thread file system and web programming with Linux environment;

·       Familiar with Linux Basic commands and familiar with performance monitoring and tuning tools’ usage;

Preferred Qualification:

·       Familiar with the Elliptic Curve Cryptography, e.g.: SECP256K1, Curve25519 & BN256, understand multi-signature schemes, e.g.: Boneh-Lynn-Shacham (BLS) or Schnorr and be able to extend to further development;

·       Familiar with open source blockchain system design, e.g.: Bicoin, Ethereum;

·       Familiar with the Consensus Algorithms, e.g.: BFT, Paxos or Raft;

·       Familiar with the cryptocurrency mining systems, e.g.: PoW, PoS;

·       Familiar with Modern Cryptography or Internet Security related technologies;

·       Proficient in trusted computing such as SGX development;

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CC: lizyconcept@gmail.com

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About ZVChain Technology

ZV seeks to use blockchain technology to significantly improve efficiency and lower the cost for clearing and settlement. ZV dedicates itself to establishing a new digital currency ledger system to provide easy, convenient and low-cost financial service, with the goal of realizing simple, low-cost and ultra-fast point-to-point payment.