Responsibilities and Duties:

·       Develop market plans and sales plans based on the company’s overall development goals;

·       Responsible for the development and maintenance of core customers in key markets and key industries;

·       Establish a business team with strong execution and lead the team to achieve market and sales goals;

·       Discover the potential needs of customers and collaborate with other departments of the company to create and innovate commercial products and business services provided to urban merchants;


·      3 years of experience in the financial industry with team management experience;

·      Strong sense of responsibility and ownership, eager for success, self-motivation;

·      Good image quality, quick thinker, strong communication skills;


Attractive renumeration can be expected, candidates can contact us at: 


CC: lizyconcept@gmail.com

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ZV seeks to use blockchain technology to significantly improve efficiency and lower the cost for clearing and settlement. ZV dedicates itself to establishing a new digital currency ledger system to provide easy, convenient and low-cost financial service, with the goal of realizing simple, low-cost and ultra-fast point-to-point payment.