Responsibilities and Duties:

·       Oversee the company’s business operations and management;

·       Participate in the overall planning of the company, enhance the company’s various systems, and improve the company’s operation and management;

·       Establish an internal information system to promote the management of the company’s finance, administration, and human resources;

·       Responsible for coordinating the work of various departments and establishing an effective teamwork mechanism;

·       Manage and motivate the performance of each department; 


·      With more than 1year experience as VP or COO position with any large organization;

·      Full-time experience preferred (market, operations, manpower, technology, products, business);

·      Active thinking, clear logic, and innovative;

·      Good communication and coordination skills, strong execution;

·      Optimistic, able to work independently, and strong ability to withstand pressure;


Attractive renumeration can be expected, candidates can contact us at: 


CC: lizyconcept@gmail.com

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