5 TIPS for Job Hunting in 2021!

In 2019, the hiring rate in Singapore has picked up, so if you did not manage to get interviewed or hired for what you looking for, it is time make it right. We are sharing with you 5 MUST KNOW tips for job hunting in 2020!

  1. Sharpen your ‘soft’ skills. Singapore companies are not just making offers to candidates based on technical competencies but also on communication skills, leadership abilities and high emotional intelligence. More often than not, when you advance to final round interviews, the deal breaker is not on your technical abilities (where most international candidates are strongest) but on your ‘soft’ skills. Yes, it does matter. Invest time in learning how to handle a lunch interview for instance or how to effectively manage communication with a contact with whom you are unfamiliar. Also, do lots and lots of practice on techniques for technical and behavioral interviews. That’s how you will become a super interviewing athlete to outshine your competitors. Spend time nurturing your listening skills. You will be amazed at the emotional and economic payoffs from fine-tuning these skills.
  2. Practice how to tell good stories. No, absolutely no bedtime stories! In essence, you want to make your experiences less ‘cut-and-dry’ and more relatable. When you walk out of that interview room you want your interviewers to be say: ‘We have to get this guy on our team. What do we need to do make this happen?’ That means having a storytelling strategy that has an effective summary opening of your main points, a strong plot that focuses on context, action and outcomes and a wrap-up statement that shows how this experience fits in the context of a potential job or illuminate some relevance to the overall discussion that you are having.
  3. Research about the company, know where and who you are applying to: There is nothing more annoying than hearing “Hello Lynda, I’ve sent my resume for job no. A23126.” You are not making a job order, you need to be more specific, “I’m Julie, I’m an experience marketer currently working at XYZ media company. I would like to apply for the position for the Marketing manager role at ABC company as seen on sgCareers portal.. I am impressed with your company work done on.. ” Remember you have only 30 seconds to do the elevator pitch when you speak to the hiring manager and only 10 seconds to catch the her attention.
  4. Be consistent: Do NOT lie. Make sure that what you say is the same as where your social media presence you could be on. If you are not working, just let them know the genuine and appropriate reason, I’m sure they’ll understand your situation and give you a chance. Tips: I am looking for a more challenging job is not one of them!
  5. Give yourself a chance. A big part of your job-search success is rooted in your confidence. Shy away from making excuses such as you do not have any work experience, you are not great at networking or you do not have enough time. View this as an adventure and a chance to truly shine. Yes, you will make mistakes – but – be prepared to leverage support systems around you including career management centers, peers, professors or family members and friends.

– sgCareers, Careers Advice Team