As a senior creative, you should be confident in making creative decisions independently on the projects and accounts under your charge.

You will work closely with our copywriters to create cohesive creatives to communicate the strategy put forth by our strategists. You should also grasp the principles and constrains from marketing that allows you to better highlight and feature your creative production (e.g. localising for online platforms or being mobile optimised etc.).

Broadly, you should be comfortable with the basic principles of the marketing mix (including but not limited to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Hubspot etc.) and therefore be confident in discussing the implications of how your creative design or idea will tie into or support the broader strategy.

You will need to begin broadening your knowledge in the workings of marketing to allow your design to make an impact. You will need to have a keen sense of understanding campaign work and the function of design within. This will better allow you to create content to translate into meaningful growth for our stakeholders.

You will be assigned to helping mentor fellow team members and managing internal goals to help drive the business forward.

Your key focus as creative would be to amass the abilities and skill-sets required to execute projects efficiently and to a high standard.

You are proactive in understanding the various types of design work, software and their application to our work. You will be an effective team member and work cohesively with others.

When you progress to a senior creative, you will begin to pursue broader knowledge in marketing and business outside of your daily work, to help you develop content and creative ideas to complement the project or account strategy.

It is important from the start to develop softer skill-sets (AKÏN Values manifestation) to enable your personal growth and professionalism.

Research and strategy:
• Take ownership of design briefs and answer them to a high standard
• Works with team to create effective creative pitches to clients; developing creative strategies that are forward-thinking and in-line client goals, trends and market dynamics
• Effective in researching relevant content or principles to explain concepts to clients or other team members
• Stays on top of designs trends in digital, and proactively shares with internal team for inspiration and discussions

• Leads and own design / creative development process and creation
• Guide internal team to meet clients goals
• Proactive in contribution of ideas within team
• Able to multitask and manage multiple projects
• Offer creative ideas and encourage others to share theirs
• Organise and lead brainstorming sessions with colleagues and clients if necessary
• Able to effectively manage internal resources and have a strong understanding of each’s personal strengths and weaknesses
• Collaborate and communicate with copywriters and external vendors when needed to produce relevant content that meets the needs of both key stakeholders and our audience
• Mentoring / training less experienced copywriters or fellow teammates to enhance overall work quality
• Leading and dealing with ambiguity; stepping up when needed

Project responsibilities:
• Demonstrate a clear understanding of campaign objectives and devise strategies to achieve them
• Able to deduce the limitations or benefits of the various digital channels, including websites, blogs, email and social media etc., and design accordingly
• Reviews phases of projects or accounts creatives, and ensures output is aligned with strategy, is brand-appropriate, and client’s goals
• Forthcoming in communicating of creative and design ideas to other team members
• Onus to clarify doubts if creative / design briefing is unclear

Project skills:
• Capable in communicating design ideas and concepts effectively
• Capable in the full adobe suite, and pushes self to own workflows to improve own efficiencies
• Keen in exploring new software and potential for new opportunities e.g. sketch, balsamiq, hotjar etc.
• Ability to be fluid in different design styles, and be able to cover other creative’s work when needed
• A persuasive, confident approach to creativity and confident in presentation
• Understands basic marketing principles and how creative outputs drives effectiveness
• Familiarity with creative processes and techniques – including digital media
• A keen attention to detail and timelines
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills; works well with different personalities and backgrounds

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