The ideal candidate will be responsible for driving the company’s key performance indicators by delivering an exceptional in-store experience. In order to do this, the candidate will build and train an effective team, and effectively incorporate business trends and customer feedback into the training of employees. 


 1. Sales

Responsible for Sales Volume and never ceases to make sure that every effort is made, both by himself/ herself and by those he/ she supervises, to upsell the maximum amount of Food and Beverage
Anticipates Volume of business by carefully keeping himself/ herself informed of coming activities in the shopping mall and Public Holidays, etc. He/ She have to make preparations to cope with it adequately and economically


2. Administrative Procedures

Ensure Proper Administrative System to ensure information and reports submitted timely 


3. Manpower Issues

Staff Counseling
Interim Career Planning
Staff Appraisal
Ensure All Employees adhered in accordance to Standard Grooming Procedures
Responsible to report any Workmen Injury to HR Department within 24 Hours


4. Managerial Issues

Staff Manpower Planning
Attends Management Meetings
Disseminates Clear Management Issues to team
Holds Team Meetings and Daily Briefing Sessions
Disseminates Marketing Initiatives to team


5. Operational Issues

Responsible for the Appearance, Orderliness, Cleanliness, Housekeeping and Proper Set-up of the Restaurant and its related areas
Ensure Food Cost and Labour Cost maintains below target
Ensure Restaurant is free of Hygiene Incidents
Assures that Soiled or Damaged Equipment is removed and not put into used, particularly Chipped or Cracked dishes, Glasses and Rusty Utensils
Constantly on the alert of ways and means by which the Restaurant’s Operation could be improved and make more profitable
Reporting/Carrying out Maintenance and Repair works to Operations Head/ Maintenance In-Charge 
Reports Maintenance replacement to Culinary Head/ Equipment In-Charge
Ensure Operations run smoothly
Report Management Issues to Senior Management/ Operations Head
Assist roll out of Marketing Projects or Promotional Menus
Ensure that each Employee is aware of Workplace Safety at all times


6. On-Job-Training 

Assures that all New Employees are adequately instructed in service and kitchen procedures 
Assures that all New Employees are informed of House Rules and Policies
Conduct Orientation Programme to New Employee, ensures that they feel welcomed. Responsible for New Employee adequate Training and thorough understanding of the job before assuming responsibilities
Ensure that Standard Service and Kitchen Procedures are followed and carried out in details, correcting any deviations through constant On-the-Job Training


7. Security On Cash, Properties/Assets

Responsible to bank in previous day’s cash sales
Responsible for Outlet’s Cash Float and Petty Cash
Responsible for Managing all Stock Inventory
Ensure Equipment are used for its intended purpose, following Standard Operating Procedures. It is his/ her duty to prevent and eliminate waste of expendable supplies, which contributes to the Overall Food Cost


8. Ad-Hoc Projects and Requests

9. Any other areas or issues that Senior Management should decide on


Applicant Requirements: 

Minimum 2 years of management experience in the Food and Beverage industry, Culinary or Hospitality industry
Must be able to conversant in English and Chinese
Able to motivate and manage a team