Unlike a regular internship, this internship provides training and hands on experience and an opportunity to take this internship forward on a part time basis. 

The internship is structured to provide a holistic experience and journey of a financial consultant. The experience includes training, working in teams and giving back to the society, just like a life a successful financial consultant.

There will be a 3D2N Overseas Business Camp.



  • Classroom trainings from professional image, product knowledge to technical knowledge and soft skills such as communicating effectively
  • Self Study: Sponsored financial license involving Four Certification Licensing papers which is a transferable for any banking and finance industry

Leadership Opportunities

  • Case studies and in house experiential training in teams 
  • Opportunities for well led groups to walk away with more than the intern fee

Giving Back

  • Overseas Community Involvement Project



  • People oriented personality
  • Personal development oriented personality
  • Always game to step out of comfort zone 
  • Sees the possibility of working during school time 
  • Self motivated individual always wanting to make things better around


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About Life Inc.

Life Inc. is an insurance based financial services agency. At Life Inc., our consultants are professionally trained to deliver personalised financial planning to our clients and to bring financial planning into the lives of the people we serve.  Through our dedication and professionalism, we envision to preserve the dignity of our clients in their lifetime regardless of good or bad times; as well as beyond their time. Our vision is to create a space where dignity transcends time.