The Manager (Productivity and MedTech) is the senior staff subject matter expert in the area of Productivity Engineering and Medical Technology. The incumbent shall grow the body of knowledge in the specialist area, provides project guidance and supervision, including project execution where necessary, and provides quality assurance for Productivity and MedTech projects.

Roles and Responsibilities

1. Practice Development 
Support the development of the firm’s intellectual capital.
Keep up-to-date with current developments and trends in advisory service capabilities and industry knowledge.
Develop and coach junior team members through formal and informal means.
Contribute to fostering an innovative and team-oriented work environment that supports personal development, 
 2.     Business Development

 Contribute to the acquisition of new consulting business in the areas of:
HR Advisory,
Process and Job Redesign Advisory and
Instructional Design.
Participate and respond to tenders and quotations.
Participate in industry events.
Proactively market solutions to potential clients in the private and public sector.
Contribute to business developments and client pursuit activities by preparing proposals and delivering presentations for potentials clients.



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About Solutions Plus Pte Ltd

Solutions-Plus provides business advisory services, with a special focus on human resource and process-related projects.  We offer customized solutions across a broad spectrum of industries, we have worked with both private and public sector organizations on various projects, including organization design, performance and talent management, process redesign, and the internationalizing of human resources.

At Solutions-Plus, we do not want to simply put in place systems and processes, or to tell you about the latest management fads and best practices (despite the fortunes it might make for us).  This is because we do not believe in cookie cutter approaches and solutions, and appreciate that each organization is unique.  We understand that the very nature of people and human interactions is such that what works for one company may not necessarily work for another.

We view each engagement as a unique opportunity to apply our knowledge and experience.  We believe that the best solution for you is derived from a clear understanding of your vision, your needs, your business objectives, and your limitations.

We are passionate about doing what is right, and doing it right – every time.  We pride ourselves on delivering solutions that bring you the greatest value.