Have you ever thought on how does it feels like to lead a team and eventually set up your own business? Because over here, we want to groom aspiring individuals to become future Sales Leaders and business partners.


What kind of individual are you?

✓ Opportunist

✓ Enthusiasts

✓ Optimistic

✓ Hard worker


What will we provide?

  • Individual Coaching
  • Career Advancement 
  • Travelling Opportunities 
  • Development Workshops
  • Any many more!!!


You will be taught on how to:

  1. Conduct direct sales marketing
  2. Conduct Events & Roadshows / Residential sales presentations
  3. Take on leadership roles
  4. Close sales on the spot

So nieces and nephews, smack the apply button now like how you smack that bag of rice. Smack the apply button now.

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