VoxSpot is a free real time local information sharing mobile phone application, and is launching officially in Singapore (plus UK and Australia) on the 24th Jul, Friday. We are looking for Leaders to join our Social Media Leader Program.

Leaders are active VoxSpot users who demonstrate the use of VoxSpot to other local users and help VoxSpot increase its local user base.

Leaders earn cash while they use VoxSpot. 


  • Applicant must be a user of the free mobile app VoxSpot.
  • Currently living anywhere in Singapore.
  • Suits students and heavy social media users
  • Goes out everyday during lock down period to exercise, buy grocery, or work other part time roles.
  • Has a facebook account with at least 100 people in your network. Or a twitter account or instagram account with at least 100 followers.
  • Bilingual or Multilingual a plus


  • Be the model user for a new mobile phone application called VoxSpot. This requires you to pin a real time map with informative real time useful information about things/changes/developments in your neighbourhood or places you visit everyday.
  • The purpose is to help locals users of the app find out what’s happening in their local area, in real time.
  • Examples of content that we are looking for – photos and videos (with meaningful and informative captions plus further details in text) that shows things that are going on in the local area (e.g. a faulty traffic light in the neighbourhood, a new cafe in the area, a cafe closed down in the area, a police incident in the area, a tram delay in the area, a long queue in a shop in the area, a sales discount in the area, free samples giveaways in an area… and the list goes on)
  • It is an opportunity for you to earn cash while actively using and promoting VoxSpot – a free information sharing mobile app. Launching in UK, Australia and Singapore on the 24th JUL, Friday.
  • You receive cash payments when you are able to identify real time information that is useful or interesting to locals nearby, and promptly share it in the VoxSpot app. Payment is subject to quality of content and certain conditions. 
  • You also receive cash when you invite friends and family to use VoxSpot, subject to them activating their accounts.


  • Payments are made via PayPal. You must have a valid PayPal account to receive payments.
  • You receive payments on a weekly basis, generally around Wednesday of the following week.
  • Payments are 100% based on your active use of VoxSpot, subject to certain conditions. 


Send an email to [email protected] with your responses to the 2 following questions:

1) Provide a direct link to your instagram, twitter or facebook account demonstrating at least 100 followers.

2) Provide 2 specific examples of real time information that you would share on VoxSpot with other local users (do not use food or sales related examples). These would generally be things/changes/developments that you observe on your way to school, work, exercise or shopping.

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About VoxSpot Pty Ltd

VoxSpot is a real time local information sharing network for users to provide and share real time updates in their local area. Users pin a map with the things, changes and developments that they observe daily along their way to work, school, exercise or shopping.

Pins could contain a wide range of information such as photos, videos and descriptions of incidents, events, queues in shops, parking vacancies, job opportunities, public transport woes, construction work updates, crime watch, events and much more.

Active users who share interesting and informative pins are rewarded with "Ripple Points" when their pins are liked by other users. Ripple Points can be used to bid for a wide range of free vouchers within the app.

VoxSpot is completely free for all to use.